Volunteer Park Path Upgrades Almost Complete - Reimagined. Reinstalled. Reopening.


Photo of the Olmsted Path as work progresses 8

Volunteer Park Path Upgrades Almost Complete

One component of the Seattle Asian Art Museum renovation project is upgrades to pedestrian paths in the park, including the restoration of historic Olmstedian paths and the creation of new paths in the east meadow (part of the original 1910 Olmsted plan for Volunteer Park).

Through an inclusive planning process in cooperation with the Capitol Hill community, Seattle Parks & Recreation, the National Park Service, Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks, Volunteer Park Trust, and other local and regional stakeholders, the Seattle Art Museum is in the process of constructing two historic Olmsted pathways, improving existing park pathway surfacing, strengthening the connection between 15th Avenue/public transit and the park, and improving pedestrian circulation around the Seattle Asian Art Museum. The path work will make the park more welcoming and usable.

Map of Olmstead paths

While work is in progress, visitors to the park will see protective fencing around the paths. This temporary chain-link fencing will be removed at the end of November 2018 (weather permitting).