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My husband, my little sister, our nephew, and our dog Ollie went for a picnic at Volunteer Park. We explored and I took this picture.


Diane Tepfer

In June 1969, six weeks after our son Daniel Chaim Robbins was born, we visited the Seattle Art Museum. Of course we posed on the animal.


Mark Winters

Learning how to shoot film with my 35MM camera on the camels. December 1984.


Sharon Kleinhen

I spent seven years until 1957 living across the street from Volunteer Park. It was my playground, and the camels were always ridden as I visited the museum. When my husband and I visited the park in 1973, we hopped on, for old times’ sake. Notice my long hair and flared pants, and Keith’s mustache…signs of the times!



Taken about 1973. I love the settling and space inside the museum.


Daisy Beach

Enclosed find a photo taken of me in the winter of 1941 – nearly 78 years ago. I’m still around and so is the Art Museum. I grew up on Capitol Hill and my friends and I were often at the Museum, especially the Saturday movies. I’m happy to support the making the icon effort.

All the best,
Daisy Beach


Sheila Marie Scott

These two pictures from September 1948 show my mother, Dorothea and father, Robert Scott and me enjoying our camel ride. Looking forward to the opening!


Kirsten Spencer

First time at the Seattle Art Museum. Mom took me and my brothers to get a
Iittle culture in 1954. I continue to get culture at SAM!


ken house

Just remember the photo. Probably 1958. Visiting the city from my home town, Coupeville.