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aaronh, Author at Reimagined. Reinstalled. Reopening. - Page 3 of 5


Valerie J. Ewert

Always loved the Asian Art Museum! Visiting the Camels brought a smile on an otherwise overcast day. Me in Spring 2010


Leslie Boyer

Visiting Volunteer Park and the art museum was a frequent and favorite time for our family. This photo was taken of my dad, my sister (age 6) and me (age 3) by my mom in 1952. I still enjoy visiting and volunteering 66 years later!


Neil Schnepf

One of my many trips to the Asian Art Museum and Volunteer Park! This occasion I was visiting with my Mom for Mother’s Day in 2014.


Randy Bowles

OK, this was taken by my grandfather, Al Bowles, Sr., mere feet from the camel. It depicts my dad, Al Bowles, Jr., and my mom, Jeannie Bowles, way back in 1947. Mom was pregnant with my older brother, Al III (R.I.P.) They are shown sitting by one of the little pools in front of the museum. I’m sorry they’re not on the camel; but this would be one of the oldest photos in your gallery, so I hope you can include it. I was born in Seattle, but raised in Yakima. I didn’t get to see the museum in person, until 1975. Since then, I’ve been to Volunteer Park hundreds of times, and to the museum, many times.


Sally Jones

As a child, the Seattle Art Museum was like a second home for me.

I was even fortunate enough to be able to take art art lessons for children taught by Dr. Fuller, the director of the Seattle Art Museum, in the early 1950’s.

I loved to climb all over the camels and the rams. Today, I use those vivid childhood memories in my painting.


Gayle Hunt

The top photo shows my Grandmother, Margaret Dodds on the left and my Mom, Mollie Dodds on the right in 1947. In the bottom photo my Mom and I recreated the poses in the 1980’s!


Sandy Thor

My sons Paul and Rory Tripp. We had season tickets to the classical Disney movie series in the 1980’s.



Photo of myself & my two best friends from 1984. Volunteer Park was our playground & SAM was my first museum.