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Rendering of Iconic Asian Art Museum camel with engraved names on pedastal

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Our project goal is $56 million. Construction may be complete, but there is still a great deal of work that remains. From designing beautiful gallery displays, to planning exciting and dynamic programs for visitors of all ages—your support is still critical to our success.

Gifts of any size make a difference. Pledge $1,000 or more and engrave a name on the pedestals of Seattle Asian Art Museum’s iconic camel sculptures. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference for generations to come. Your commitment will help preserve the Seattle Asian Art Museum today and ensure that it continues to inspire tomorrow.

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Heart Your Asian Art

Whether you choose to give a cash donation, support from your business or family foundation, or establish a planned gift, your contribution will ensure the longevity of SAM’s original home in Volunteer Park as an invaluable anchor for the presentation of the very best exhibitions and collections.

Please contact Catherine Poricuncula via email or phone: 206.654.3241

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Share your memories!

For generations, children and adults have climbed atop the famed camels flanking the front door of the Seattle Asian Art Museum before entering the building to experience art and culture from around the globe. Now you can share your pictures and memories with SAM and the community! Submit photos of you and your loved ones posing with the camels and tell us your story.

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Black and white photograph of two parents and a child atop the iconic Asian Art Museum camel