Share your Seattle Asian Art Museum Memories


Mary Galvin Baldwin

My parents, Thelma and Frank Galvin, on honeymoon the day after their wedding, June 23, 1940.


Susan Scott

I have a dim, flickering memory of this visit to the museum. It was 1955, and I was about 3 1/2. As always, my mom faced me right into the sun, so I was squinting. Glad to be one of many, many generations to be photographed astride the camels!



This photo is of my brother & myself circa 1959. On the weekends, SAM was one of my dad’s favorite spots to visit, especially because of the (ill-fated) jade exhibit. We didn’t mind going though because we got to “ride” the Chinese camels. As an adult, SAAM at Volunteer Park continues to be a comforting & nostalgic place for me. Father’s Day 2018



A wonderful Mother’s Day trip to the museum with my daughter…and a photo with the camel to remember it!


Emily Teeter

The 3 Teeter sisters on the camel, circa 1959. Our mother, Elizabeth Goodwin was a long time docent at SAM, so we spent a lot of time there and look forward to it reopening.


Frances Israel

It’s 1934 and I am 2 years old, straddling the camel with my parents, who recently immigrated to Seattle from Istanbul, Turkey. I still enjoy visiting SAM!


Suze Woolf

Not exactly a family photo, but every summer I have been out painting in Volunteer Park at least once, and have painted the camels or some part of them…


Nancy Kappelman

We used to live on Capitol Hill and were regular visitors to Volunteer Park. My girls loved the camels!



This is a photo of my brother and sister circa 1960. I was not born yet, but later visited the museum often as a child and always looked forward to climbing on the camels before and after our visit! I currently volunteer in the art studio at SAM.



Every Seattle kid needs their picture on the Camels! Hard to believe our littlest one will be in kindergarten the next time she climbs on the camels!